Delivering streamlined & efficient
services within the real estate industry

At Robura, we leverage the expertise of our skilled professionals and innovative technological solutions to deliver streamlined and efficient services within the real estate industry. With our comprehensive range of offerings, we are equipped to assist clients in various aspects, spanning individual investments to comprehensive portfolio management.

Our dedicated team is ready to provide professional assistance in managing the asset through the entire lifecycle, providing investment advisory, assisting with valuations and follow-up consultations.

Our Services


Investment Advisory:
Tailored guidance for real estate investment:
- Thorough market research
- Risk analysis & informed decisions
- Investment strategies for maximum returns

Sales Support:
Comprehensive support in marketing and selling properties:
- Effective marketing strategies
- Compelling promotional materials
- Property showings & negotiation support
- Facilitating smooth transactions

Asset Management:
We optimize real estate investments using skilled professionals and innovative technology.

Our services cover:
- Property acquisition & portfolio management
- Legal compliance & market analysis
- Financial reporting & planning
- Exit strategies & risk mitigation

Robura boasts a dedicated team of specialists adept at the art of commercialization, employing a diverse array of tools and methodologies to present assets in their most advantageous light. Our experts meticulously analyze each asset to pinpoint its distinctive selling propositions, crafting personalized marketing strategies aligned with our clients' goals. Leveraging virtual tours, drone imagery, and videography, we create captivating visual narratives that accentuate the property's appeal.

Through our extensive network, we ensure broad exposure of the asset to a wide spectrum of potential buyers or lessees. Throughout the commercialization journey, we maintain consistent communication, providing regular updates to our clients, thereby ensuring transparency and informed decision-making.

To date, we've successfully commercialized 2,100 assets, leveraging our expertise and comprehensive approach to maximize their market potential.

Valuation and Consultation:
Professional property valuation and strategic advice:
- Certified appraisers for accurate valuations
- Strategic advice on development & investment

Legal Due Diligence:
Our legal experts ensure compliance with regulations by reviewing contracts, leases, permits, and pertinent documents to safeguard client interests.

We provide:
- Thorough due diligence
- Mitigation recommendations
- Execution of transfers at Land Registry Dept
- Asset risk assessment
- Real Estate Tax Assessment & Consultation

Technical Due Diligence:
We assess property conditions, infrastructure, and environmental impact for potential risks and opportunities. Our services include:
- Identifying issues & recommended actions
- Checking structural integrity
- Investigating property files
- Onsite inspections & detailed reports

Data Analytics:
Leveraging advanced techniques to extract insights for informed real estate strategies:
- Market trends analysis
- Property performance evaluation
- Demographic insights

Utilizing state-of-the-art data analytics methodologies, we harness profound insights from the abundant data at our disposal. Our proficient team of analysts meticulously scrutinizes diverse facets such as market trends, property performance metrics, demographic indicators, and various other influential factors. This thorough examination enables us to not only spot lucrative investment prospects but also foresee shifts in the market dynamics. By doing so, we craft and refine real estate strategies, custom-tailored to optimize outcomes for our clients.

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Robura, Altia, and Prosperty aim to transform the real estate industry.

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